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WellFirst Wellness Program

What is the WellFirst Wellness Program?

An annual contract between the healthcare provider, WellFirst 

Urgent Care & Family Practice and the member(s). Membership 

is based on individual or family coverage with a set monthly fee, 

deducted monthly from either debit, credit or checking account. 

(Minimum of 12-month contract required.)

This is NOT a medical insurance policy, nor is it designed to 

replace medical insurance coverage, but rather a membership 

program entitling WellFirst Wellness Program members certain 

medical and preventive care services within a preset budgeted 

amount. This program covers services within the scope and 

capabilities of WellFirst Urgent Care & Family Practice, not to 

include third party care. 

Healthcare services including but not limited to:

• Minor illnesses

• Sore throat

• Sinus problems

• Colds

• Respiratory Illness

• Influenza

• Stomach infections

• Rashes and skin infections

• Viral infections

Antibiotics, steroids and non-inflammatory injections are 

included, if medically necessary. In-house laboratory testing is 

included; however, any laboratory testing requiring a third-party 

provider will be the responsibility of the member but is eligible 

for a substantial pricing discount.

Sports And School Physicals

Schools and athletic organizations require several physical exams and preventative measures to make sure participation is safe and healthy for all involved. 

Chronic Disease Management

Management programs for diabetes, heart disease, asthma, arthritis, hypertension, and many other chronic conditions. In the event your condition changes and requires more specialized care, we will refer you to an 

appropriate specialist healthcare provider. Third party care provider will be the responsibility of member. 

Occupational Medicine

• Physicals

• DOT 

Minor Surgeries

Procedures that do not involve anesthesia but do require an incision or deep injection. Our facility is equipped to handle a broad range of procedures, from preparation to procedure, as well as after care. 

• Incision and drainage

• Joint injections

• Suturing

• Mole/Wart removal

Minor Injuries

Comprehensive treatment for a variety of non-life- threatening injuries including:

• Cuts

• Sprains

• Initial fracture care

• Minor burns

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WellFirst Wellness Program Flyer (pdf)